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We only store what we need to help you as a customer with your license.

We use cookies, for the site to function properly.

We encrypt your data, so it is secure.

You can delete your data yourself, or contact us for help deleting your data.

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NorMedia AS (NM) are commited to safeguarding the privacy of visitors and users at

This policy applies where we are acting as a data controller for any licenses registered through our system.

We use cookies on our site. If the cookies are not needed for functionality of the site, we will ask for your consent to save them on your computer.

Our website incorporates privacy controls which allow you to change any stored data about you and/or your license.

NM, our or we refer to the data controller at NM, please see the chapter about our data controller for contact details.

How we use your personal data

If you misplace or lose your license to your software, we can use your personal data to help you finding your license again. We will e-mail you if there are changes to your license or the use of your license.

We can use your e-mail to contact you regarding updates to your software, if you agreed to update notifications, when you installed the software, when you purchased the license, or when you registered your license key.

When visiting our website, we track which language you have chosen to present our website in your preferred language. Upon selection a language, the language is detected from your browser.

Providing your data to others

Our partners, which resell or sell the software, connected to a license, can access your data, if you purchased a license through one of our partners..

We do not share data with other companies outside our partners.

Deleting personal data

You can remove any personal data connected to license by logging in with your e-mail and creating a password. You can also ask our data controller to remove your personal data.

If you remove your registration/personal data connected to a license, we cannot help you recover your license.


The following sub-processors are used for storage of data and/or other parts of the site:

Company name


Digital Ocean Inc

United States.

Data is stored in Germany and United Kingdom

Amazon Inc

United states

Data is stored in Ireland

Microsoft Inc

United States

Data is stored in Sweden

What we store

  1. License key
  2. Machine ID (Created when activating your license)

What personal data you can provide when registering your license

The machine id cannot be used to identify your computer, only to your registered data.

Your rights

Under the data protection law and GDPR, you have the right

You can exercise these rights, by modifying or deleting your user data or email us at [email protected]. We will provide response to your request as soon as possible, and provide information on how we will process your request.


Cookies are small files which are received from a web server and are either stored on your web browser until its expiry date, or until the end of each session. You may not agree to accept cookies and refuse them.

This site incorporates different cookies that are divided into several categories:

Essential cookies are necessary to provide you with our site services and functionality, such as enable sign-in, or language selection.

Analytics cookies help us understand how our site are being used, how good our marketing campaigns perform, and based on the information - customize and enhance both the Site and Application for you.

Cookie Name

Expiration time



Company or service that provides this cookie        

How to opt out


When closing the session

Stores a session ID for identifying unique sessions



Note: if you refuse these cookies, most of the Site content or the Application functionality will not be available to you.

If you still want to refuse these cookies, please follow the guide in your browser to block cookies on this website.



Language setting


7 days

Caches your login


7 days

Caches your login


2 years

Used to distinguish users.        



To refuse these cookies, please follow the general browser rules explained in the 'Disabling Cookies' part of this document, or visit: this page


24 hours        

Used to distinguish users.        


1 minute

used to throttle requests

Updates to this policy

We can update this policy from time to time, and will publish a new version on our website.

Company details

You can contact us by:


NorMedia AS

Postboks 24

1451 Nesoddtangen


E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +47 66 91 54 40

On our website: 

Data protection officer

Data protection officer in NorMedia AS is Leif Ringstad. Contact him at [email protected] or through our support [email protected]